Bullet Liner Welcomes Profi Spray Company in Romania to its International Reseller Network

Bullet Liner Welcomes Profi Spray Company in Romania to its International Reseller Network 726 450 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner™ International is pleased to announce that Profi Spray Company will be joining the Bullet Liner global network as a valued new reseller in Romania.  Profi Spray is active in the construction and insulation industry, offering transparent and prompt services throughout the market.  The company has established a reputation for its serious commitment to its customers—providing quality services and guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of the products.  With more than 13 years of experience in the construction and insulation fields and access to the latest technology and equipment, Profi Spray is well positioned to meet the needs and requirements of the Romanian market.

Bullet Liner continues to grow its global network of premium reseller and applicator partners who are committed to delivering the industry’s highest quality protective sealant solutions and elastomer coating products to service the construction, industrial storage, automotive, truck and fleet, roofing, and commercial-utility sectors.  Backed by more than three decades of world-class chemistry and operating in concert with our parent company Carlisle TyrFil GmbH and one of the world’s largest polyurethane systems developers, Bullet Liner is uniquely suited to offer a robust suite of industrial and commercial-grade spray-on coating offerings to a Romanian-based clientele.

For more information, please visit—and to learn more about our new Profi Spray Company affiliate, please visit them at:

Profi Spray Company,
48 Sperantei St., Afumati Town, Ilfov County, 077010
44.51616144190528, 26.23565851653837

Bullet Liner International Announces its Newest Distributor Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Bullet Liner International Announces its Newest Distributor Bahrain and Saudi Arabia 726 450 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner International, a leading global network of resellers, dealers and applicator-operators working in the polyurea protective coatings space, is pleased to announce its newest distributor alliance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This addition expands the brand’s growing global footprint, with a key new presence in the Middle East marketplace and represents the latest new member to join Bullet Liner’s international network.

Bullet Liner’s new partner—Corrosion Control Middle East (CCME)—provides corrosion prevention solutions via cathodic protection, Coatings and Non-Destructive Testing for the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Construction and Marine industries.  Now, CCME, in concert with Core Team (a general contracting leader serving the same related industries that is also expanding into the Kingdom of Bahrain), will market polyurethane coating solutions in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in all applicable sectors, both as an application contractor and a distributor.

Bullet Liner is an industry leader in the development and distribution of the market’s highest-quality elastomer coating solutions for the light industrial, heavy industrial, truck, automotive, mining, commercial utility, and storage fields.  Recognized for its “scratch resistant” and durable exterior surface protection properties, Bullet Liner spray-on coating guards against the corrosive damage caused by severe environmental effects and most chemical compounds.

Bullet Liner’s new distributor will operate out of the Core Team’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain offices at the following addresses:

Office 245, Building 2648, Road 5720, Block 257
The Lagoon, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain
Muharraq, PO Box 5060, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
tel. +973 3201 2133

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
4th Floor Gold Tower
Al Madinah Al Munawarrah St. Al Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 35514
P.O. Box 11586 Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, 31961 Tel: +966-13-356-0075
Fax: +966-13-361-7951

For more information about the Bullet Liner brand and global opportunities to affiliate with our highly lucrative international reseller, member dealer and applicator network, please visit

Bullet Liner Europe Polyurea Spray

The Many Uses for Bullet Liner Premium Protective Coating

The Many Uses for Bullet Liner Premium Protective Coating 2048 1364 Jill Deamer

When it comes to the many uses for Bullet Liner’s premier elastomer coating, the question shouldn’t be what can you treat with our award-winning spray on protection, but rather what can’t you treat.  Because there is almost no end to the number of products and applications that would benefit from the extra dent, ding, scuff, scratch and skid protection of our Bullet Liner solution.  Our durable non-toxic, polyurea coating can be applied to an endless list of products, ranging from the very largest items (such as industrial storage tanks, semi truck flatbeds and automotive exteriors) to everyday household gear and equipment (including work boots, tools, skateboards, audio speakers, desk top items, and more).

Just about any valuable possession with a surface worth protecting can benefit from a coat of Bullet Liner polyurea spray-on protectant.  While Bullet Liner technology may have built its name in the marketplace as a premium truck “bedliner” coating for automotive enthusiasts, the applications for Bullet Liner go far beyond vehicle exteriors and truck beds—and, in fact, are virtually limitless.  That’s why, we’d like to invite our customers to always Think Outside the Bed.

Bullet Liner was borne out of the innovation of Burtin Polymer Laboratories nearly three decades ago.   Claudio Burtin was a pioneer in the field of elastomer technology.   Having worked extensively with polyurethane chemicals for various commercial and industrial applications, he adapted a formulation that would become the first advanced coating system in the industry to be virtually rustproof, long lasting and impervious to extreme weather conditions.  Because his protective coating offered UV protection and also delivered enhanced puncture and abrasion resistance, it was an instant hit with automotive and truck enthusiasts who could prevent premature damage to their vehicles when hauling cargo gear, and also while tearing up the trail for off-road recreation in rugged environments.

The technology soon caught on and the “bedliner” sealant market grew from there.  In 2010, Burtin founded the Bullet Liner brand to take his elastomer coating to the mass market—and the company has since grown into a global leader and integral player in the automotive aftermarket.  Today, the company infuses 4th generation innovation and extensive R&D to create the most durable polyurea protectant available anywhere on the market.  As part of the Carlisle Companies family of brands, Bullet Liner has access to advanced chemistry delivered by some of the world’s leading product developers and scientists.

And while spray on coating offers heavy-duty protection for the exteriors of autos, pick-ups, semi truck flatbeds and other vehicles, these uses represent only a fraction of the number and types of applications for the technology.

Following is a deeper look at a few of our favourite versatile uses for Bullet Liner’s spray-on elastomer protective coating, which can offer a whole new generation of protection for well…everything around you. 

It’s what’s on the inside

While many in the industry think of Bullet Liner only for full body exterior or truck bed applications, it’s also ideal for treating other exposed areas of the vehicle.  For example, Bullet Liner offers excellent protection for fenders, wheel wells, bumpers, running boards, light bars, and hard tonneau covers.  Because it helps dampen and insulate road noise, it actually helps to offer a quieter ride.  Additionally, Bullet Liner’s spray-on coating is also perfect for vehicle interiors—including floors, seats, steering wheels, dashboards, interior walls roofing, and more.

Water recreation anyone?

Bullet Liner also takes on the surf just as well as it tackles the roadway.  Bullet Liner offers the strength and reliability to provide a secure barrier between water and boat hulls or decks.  It’s also ideal for ensuring that metal boats and other marine equipment, in particular, aren’t vulnerable to rust and corrosion.  A simple coating of Bullet Liner sealant can spike the value of the possession and protect any boat, yacht or dock equipment owner’s investment for years to come.  Because it offers UV color and fade protection, Bullet Liner helps keep watercraft—either in the harbor or in dry dock—in top shape, providing resistance against weeks/months/years baking in the sunlight.  It also offers “grip protection” on slippery, wet boat decks.  The same, of course, applies to other water-related recreational gear like WaveRunners, dinghies, windsurfer boards, and surfboards.

All types of trailers

Whether it’s a trailer used for commercial transport, cargo hauling or equine mobility, trailers themselves are some of the toughest workhorses on the road.  They take the brunt of weathering and roadway debris—not to mention that they too spend a fair amount of time parked outdoors in the heat and constant blistering daylight.  Especially if a trailer is used for commercial purposes, no small business or brand wants to have their reputation denigrated with an ill-looking trailer exterior, with a crumbling and faded paint job.  Bullet Liner’s scientifically advanced, non-fade color matching protects trailers against the elements, while also helping to preserve a great factory installed look even after months and years of exposure.

What’s in your garage?

The average household likely has a multitude of everyday items, tools and work gear that could benefit from a coat of Bullet Liner to vastly extend their life cycle.  Everything from utility tools, shovels, wheelbarrows, gardening equipment, gym equipment (treadmills, lifecycles and free weights), worktables and benches, speaker boxes, guitar cases, playground equipment, skateboards, work boots and more will last longer and maximise their appearance with a coat of Bullet Liner.

Taking it off-roadc

And of course, anyone who’s into recreating off-road, knows that their “toys” take the ultimate abuse.  Bullet Liner offers the high-caliber, heavy tensile strength and protection to mitigate damage that ATVs and UTVs can receive from mud, flying rocks and other debris out in rugged terrain.  The same applies to camping gear, hunting equipment, Yeti coolers, and other essentials that can easily come back worn, banged up and unattractive from even just one outing in the back country.

Don’t miss the many advantages of tapping Bullet Liner technology to extend the value of a host of products used at home, around the workplace and in the many places where families and friends enjoy outdoor recreation.  Learn more here.

BulletLiner Russia Announcement

Bullet Liner Quality Protective Polyurethane Spray Expands Brand Offering to Russia

Bullet Liner Quality Protective Polyurethane Spray Expands Brand Offering to Russia 1022 1135 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner International is on the move! Our brand of superior polyurethane coating is protecting truck, automotive vehicles and other valuables for customers in all corners of the globe from Eastern and Western Europe and Asia, to the Americas. Bullet Liner, the original polyurea bedliner technology pioneer, is proud to say that our expansion continues, as new resellers and applicators discover the many benefits of our proprietary state of the art technology.

We are happy to announce that Baltic Bullet Liner, LTD from Latvia, a major distributor which includes the Russian market, has appointed their first official dealer in Russia’s Central region as respected business owner Andrey Kulibin and his company, “” joins our growing network of applicators.

Andrey and his team have established a strong position in the Russian polyurethane coating market with a thriving client base, which has developed over the past six years in the Moscow region. In seeking to improve their operations and quality of product, they recently aligned their shop with the new name and brand. Their reputation for delivering a quality product with outstanding application service and attention to detail, which has spread throughout the area, should also grow stronger with the premium Bullet Liner branding.

Through our new alliance with, Bullet Liner International is excited to expand into Central Russia, which marks an important geographic extension for our brand.

Regarding the growth of his truck and automotive spray-on elastomer business, owner Andrey Kulibin explains: “We believe that a car reflects the character and personality of its owner – emphasizes his or her uniqueness and can tell a great deal about someone. We hope that by helping automotive owners expand the personality and uniqueness of their prized vehicles, while also enhancing value, durability and long-term ownership, the Bullet Liner brand can accentuate the experiences of the automotive enthusiasts to the fullest!”

Andrey also has plans for Bulletliner.Club to introduce new ways to meet clients’ most specialized and demanding needs outside of the workshop. He is pleased to be in the process of creating and developing a full service mobile polyurethane application team, to aid customers on-site at their homes or places of business, without being reliant on visiting his spray shop location, if they prefer an application service location of their own choosing.

On behalf of all of us at Bullet Liner International, we welcome Andrey and his team to the Bullet Liner brand and wish him all the best with this latest venture. We are excited to watch his business grow and know that he will continue to be well-received in the marketplace – making a distinctive mark on the local protective spray coating industry.

Adds Andrey: “Protecting cars and making them look great has become a passion for We’re proud to say that ‘We Make Cars New!’ For us, It’s not just a slogan, it’s a lifestyle and core activity – and what we do best!”

Please stop by and visit at:

Novyy Poselok 9
Moskovskaya Oblast
Russia 143421
Andrey Kulibin

Romania Reseller

Bullet Liner International Appoints Exclusive New Reseller for Romanian Market

Bullet Liner International Appoints Exclusive New Reseller for Romanian Market 768 358 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner International is pleased to announce that CATINOFORT S.R.L has been appointed as an exclusive Bullet Liner and Intellathane reseller for Romania. CATINOFORT has experience both in the agricultural and industrial markets. Their priority is to ensure the quality of products and provide solid consulting to the Romanian marketplace. The distribution plan for CATINOFORT and their customers is to develop the Bullet Liner brand in Romania, focusing specifically on core industrial applications.

Customer results and satisfaction are at the root of the CATINOFORT mission. Their philosophy for success is to ensure long-term cooperation and strategic collaboration—and the company is committed to consistently offering customers the highest quality of products and services, based on innovative, market-leading solutions. CATINOFORT is confident that Bullet Liner and Intellathane products will work perfectly to provide premier polyurea coatings and solutions for the automotive, industrial and agricultural markets.

Bullet Liner International is excited to team up with this quality reseller partner, with an exciting market expansion: “We will do this together!”

For support in the Romanian marketplace, please contact a CATINOFORT representative directly:

Bodesti Village,
Bodesti Commune, Stefan cel Mare street, Nr. 96,
Neamt County

707426 ROMANIA

Lucian Darlomin
+40 744177715