Roofing and Industrial


Weather and environment produces some of the most punishing treatment outdoor equipment and buildings can suffer—whether it’s the frigid cold of winter, the blistering heat of summer, or corrosion-generating rain, sand storms or anything else Mother Nature can dish out.

The consequences can be disastrous. Unprotected plant, factory and facility operations can be disrupted or brought to a standstill—interrupting or halting productivity completely, which can threaten a company’s livelihood.

Bullet Liner™ spray on environmental protectant is a unique formulation that instantly bonds to surfaces and seals out water and other detrimental elements. Left untreated, these conditions could cause erosion, leaks and other unwanted damage to roofs and equipment. Bullet Liner™’s nonslip tight grip texture also provides additional safety to metal stairways, walkways or other surfaces that could become slippery when wet. Our formulation has been real world tested in all parts of the globe and it will not crack, blister or fade despite extreme degrees of temperature or fluctuation.

Protect your facilities’ roof, siding, stairways or equipment with Bullet Liner™ spray on polyurethane protectant—an investment that will help improve the lifecycle and value of your assets and keep your operations running smoothly.

Contact us to learn how and where to get the protection that only Bullet Liner™ can provide.

Exceptional Protection

Protects surfaces from many corrosive/hazardous materials lengthening the life and minimizing downtime of equipment.
Extends lifespan and improves the resale value of equipment and vehicles.
Comes in a variety of colors to match utility, hazardous, or fleet vehicle color applications.

Using our premium spray-on solution, applied by our network of certified dealers across the globe, your investment in your vehicle, boat or trailer is safe with us.