Protecting Valuable Physical Assets during Seasonal Weather Changes

Weatherized Physical Assets with Bullet Liner INTL

Protecting Valuable Physical Assets during Seasonal Weather Changes

Protecting Valuable Physical Assets during Seasonal Weather Changes 630 400 Jill Deamer

As we near the end of the year, cold weather has already arrived in many parts of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere—and the heavy winter months are just around the corner.  As the cool air descends upon us, now is an ideal time to take stock of your business’ physical assets—and check to see how prepared you and your crew members are to handle the inclement weather.  Wind, sleet, rain and even snow—with non-stop days of continued wetter climate—can take a toll on vehicle exteriors, fenders, rocker panels and more.  Whether you operate a vehicle for a sole proprietor transportation business, drive a tractor for a privately owned farm, own a series of commercial vehicles, or man a large-scale industrial storage container facility, your livelihood can depend on making effective decisions when it comes to safeguarding your essential equipment during the colder months.

Did you know?  Vehicles and equipment can age prematurely from repeated poor weather exposure.  The same is true and applies to ANY seasonal changes.  Above average hot weather temperatures are no exception, which our friends in the Southern Hemisphere may soon be facing.  The damage to valuable equipment from literally “baking” in extreme heat over long periods of time can be deleterious to traditional exterior paint jobs and cause the metal surfaces of industrial containers and flatbeds to literally degrade (potentially causing thermal expansion and structural changes) if not properly prepared.  But the harsh winter elements can be particularly hard on equipment and machinery surfaces of all types.  For example, in vehicles, rain and snow in particular can definitely wreck havoc on overall painted surfaces, as well as other exposed areas such as wheel wells and bumpers.  Ideally, equipment should be stored in indoor garages or storage facilities or under covered awnings throughout the winter season.  This is especially true in regions of Northern Europe and areas of Asia that experience less unforgiving cold weather temperatures.

But during the winter season, and year-round, Bullet Liner technology can serve as an invaluable “companion” for equipment and fleet operators looking to protect their investment.  Bullet Liner offers the industry’s most trusted “high caliber” protective spray on coating.  Our elastomer sealant is durable and scratch and scuff-resistant to keep surface exteriors in top shape all through the cold season.  Additional benefits include:

  • Bullet Liner offers UV and colour protection to keep surface colors bright and vibrant despite temperature extremes.
  • Our heavy-duty, tensile strength coating is impervious to dings from mud, rocks, ice and other flying debris that can result from more treacherous winter road conditions.
  • Bullet Liner’s premium elastomer protection doesn’t peel, bubble or crack—even in heavy rain or other formidable types of climate (including alternate hot temperature extremes, depending on your locale).
  • Extra protection of your assets equals higher value and ROI on your equipment (better preserving their longevity and generating stronger resale value if you choose to liquidate).
  • On the industrial side, Bullet Liner also protects and coats storage tanks and keeps them from cracking and springing disaster-generating leaks during freezing cold temperatures.

If your physical equipment (cargo van, fleet, or heavy machinery) IS your brand, you’ll want to keep it in top physical shape this winter—not just to ensure operability, but to maintain an appearance that will still be sharp and polished come spring season for your customer prospects.

Also, for general safety and smoother operability this winter, don’t forget to remove batteries from dormant equipment; lower/detach machinery parts (hydraulic cylinders, hoses, guards, etc.) from heavy equipment that will be “sitting” outside; and begin winter preparations long before the most brutal weather truly sets in.  A few advance precautions can keep valuable equity in your pocket all winter long.  Whether you operate a cargo van or utility truck, or run a vehicle fleet—or if you oversee a large stock of industrial or commercial equipment that remains exposed year-round—it’s time to take stock in your preparedness to protect your valuable equipment.

To learn more about weatherizing your inventory with Bullet Liner premium elastomer coating technology, please check out more information and tips here.