Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021

Boat Weather Protection: Proect your boat with Bullet Liner

Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021

Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021 1200 800 Jill Deamer

In many parts of Europe and across the globe, it’s been a cold winter. If you happen to be a boat owner—depending on what geo-climate you reside in—while you’ve been hunkered down and trying to stay warm, your prized marine vessel has likely been covered up and waiting out the season in dry dock. But as we enter March, temperatures will quickly start to warm—and icy and frigid weather will begin to thaw. If you’re a mariner, then you know it’s time to start looking toward the day you’ll launch your boat and hit the open water. The close of the winter season is a great time to prepare for the upcoming recreational boating season.

Anyone who is a serious aficionado of the boating lifestyle knows that it is most definitely not an inexpensive pastime. Whether you own a dinghy, motorboat, sailboat, or a luxury yacht, the constant upkeep required—and never-ending money you’ll need to siphon into your passion—is no small commitment. From readying key equipment for seasonal use to ensuring that your boat exterior remains in top condition, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to protect your investment.

Aside from technical maintenance and concern for the obvious operational safety issues, probably the number one task at hand heading into boating season is to make sure your vessel is cleaned and looking sharp. Unless your entire boat deck has been covered throughout the winter months (which is unlikely for anything larger than a fairly small vessel), the days spent weathering the climate and baking in the sun (despite the chilly temperatures) can do a number on your paint job and external trimmings. This is where Bullet Liner’s premium protective sealant can really assist with boat weather protection.

Bullet Liner is the industry’s leading elastomer coating. The technology, which literally led and pioneered the spray-on sealant marketplace with creation of its polyurea coating over 30 years ago, offers a durable and affordable way to guard against outer surface damage to your boat. Bullet Liner offers an all-in-one solution that, when properly applied, delivers a high-calibre, heavy-duty tensile strength shield for a variety of exposed and weather-prone exteriors.

Another critical role that elastomer protective coating can play is in keeping your boat’s bright colours looking brilliant—despite the obvious beating they take from the elements. Any nautical pro knows that Mother Nature is a formidable foe when it comes to recreational boating. Even the most pristine paint job is only as good as its ability to withstand the harshest weathering. Bullet Liner offers excellent UV protection to keep colour integrity, and provide a safeguard against rust, moisture/dampness, sunlight, wind and more. We can colour match every palette shade for a customized finish. If your boat is your pride and joy, make sure that it looks top notch—both while in use on the open water, and in dock using boat weather protection from Bullet Liner International.

In addition to offering reliable surface protection—that won’t peel, fade, chip or bubble—for traditional boats, Bullet Liner also can protect your investment in a variety of other marine-related equipment that can take the same beating on the water. Whether you’re into windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, Jet Skiing, water skiing, or other ocean, lake or river-related recreational past times, the same technology solutions are available to keep your investments—and their potential resale value—strong.

Even if you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) and love the thrill of undertaking your own boat renovation, Bullet Liner can complement your independent deck redo project and integrate with your colour scheme selection and existing project to spruce up your new or existing purchase—from bow to stern. Our spray teams utilize top of the market Graco equipment to deliver an affordable, end-to-end coating solution that will enhance both the appearance and functionally of your boat.

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