Bullet Liner™ International offers a host of applications to serve our commercial and industrial direct sales customers. Our high-tensile strength, premier durable protective coatings are ideal for roofing and storage containment applications, and more.

With more than three decades of experience in delivering the industry’s gold standard elastomer sealant to serve even the most heavy duty, rigorous coating job requirements, Bullet Liner™ technology does not disappoint. Our industrial-grade spray-on protection delivers:

  • High moisture resistance
  • Lowest temperature cure coating on the market
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Waterproofing
  • “Abrasion guard” protection for steel, concrete, wood and foam plastic surfaces


Bullet Liner™ polyurea spray-on protectant guards against the corrosive damage caused by severe environmental effects and most chemical compounds. The chart below demonstrates the technology’s anti-corrosion protection ability for a steel substrate in various environmental settings. To learn about test results for Bullet Liner™ protection against a specific chemical, please contact us for more information.

Corrosion categories
– C1 very low (house interior)
– C2 low
– C3 medium
– C4 high
– C5 very high (sea and industrial environment)

Bullet liner™ BL1 product was marked as:
C5 M which means it can work in C5 environment (category)  7-15 years
C4 H which means it can work in C4 environment (category) 15-25 years


Testing and Certification

(Water Safety)
TUV DIN EN 71-3:2019
(Toy Safety)
EN ISO 2808:2008
(Paints and Varnishes)
EN ISO 2812-1:2008
(Paints and Varnishes)
EN ISO 4624:2016
(Paints and Varnishes)
EN ISO 6270-1:2002
(Paints and Varnishes)
EN ISO 9227:2017
(Corrosion Tests)
EN ISO 4628-1:2016
(Paints and Varnishes)
EN ISO12944-1:2018
and EN ISO 12944-2:2018
(Paints and Varnishes)

Our Bullet Liner™ coatings are ideal for the manufacturing, rail transportation, shipping, chemical, general industrial and military sectors, as well as for commercial applications for our larger scale customers suited to a direct sales and product acquisition program.

Discover more about our 30-year history and heritage as a pioneer in the spray-on protective coatings marketplace.

If you are interested in learning how Bullet Liner™ technology—available in a wide array of customized color choices—can extend the lifecycle of your company’s most valuable equipment investments and hard assets, please contact a representative today.