Think of virtually ANY utility, recreational or occupational object or equipment that typically braves the outdoors, or that’s valuable or important to your business or household. If you want it protected to extend life, we can coat it. Bullet Liner’s unique “bullet tough,” high-calibre coating can protect just about anything from the elements of extreme weathering, water, rust, corrosion and even everyday wear and tear. Our unique polyurethane protectant comes from the most technologically advanced formula available in the industry today, and is engineered to offer an abrasion-proof, watertight protective sealant to practically any surface.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small job, Bullet Liner takes protection seriously. Many construction workers transform their more comfortable work boots into tough and indestructible footwear—that’s just as sturdy and resilient as steel toed/armoured counterparts—simply by coating them with Bullet Liner. The same applies for toolboxes, guitar cases, audio speakers, skateboards, surfboards, exercise equipment, playhouses, swing sets, patio furniture, and so much more!

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Exceptional Protection

Protects surfaces from many corrosive/hazardous materials lengthening the life and minimizing downtime of equipment.
Extends lifespan and improves the resale value of equipment and vehicles.
Comes in a variety of colors to match utility, hazardous, or fleet vehicle color applications.

Using our premium spray-on solution, applied by our network of certified dealers across the globe, your investment in your vehicle, boat or trailer is safe with us.