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Safety and performance are two concepts often at odds with each other in commercial settings, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Both are enhanced significantly when Bullet Liner’s technologically superior spray-on polyurethane protectant joins the work crew. Our premier elastomer sealant protects equipment and vehicles from the life-shortening threats of rust, corrosion, weathering, and various abrasions and dings. But equally important is the additional level of safety that Bullet Liner’s grip-tight texture can provide for a variety of essential exterior and interior surfaces—from truck and utility van beds, to stairs and other hazardous areas that might be slippery or downright dangerous when wet.

When used in high humidity locations, Bullet Liner offers even more invaluable armour due to its watertight, “seal-in” coating, which protects every application area from liquid or chemical damage. The application opportunities and benefits Bullet Liner provides are nearly endless. Our proprietary formulation can both prevent significant downtime and greatly enhanced safety on-the-job, better protecting workers and costly equipment.

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Exceptional Protection

Protects surfaces from many corrosive/hazardous materials lengthening the life and minimizing downtime of equipment.
Extends lifespan and improves the resale value of equipment and vehicles.
Comes in a variety of colors to match utility, hazardous, or fleet vehicle color applications.

Using our premium spray-on solution, applied by our network of certified dealers across the globe, your investment in your vehicle, boat or trailer is safe with us.