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When you spray Bullet Liner on your car, truck or off-road vehicle, you’re making an investment that protects and extends the life of your most prized equipment. Bullet Liner’s advanced, polyurea spray-on protectant guards against abrasions, scrapes and dings—and always delivers a professional, “show floor” finish that looks great. But the real wonder of our proprietary formula is how well it locks out the rust-causing moisture that quickly denigrates both the appearance and value of your vehicle, leaving it looking prematurely aged before its time.

Bullet Liner withstands the most punishing conditions and will not peel, flake or crack, even when exposed to all-day, direct sunlight and extreme weathering. Bullet Liner is routinely “real world” tested on race and chase vehicles in the hottest desert conditions, such as the prestigious Baja 1000 in Mexico—and also in the freezing sub-zero conditions of Alaska’s Denali wilderness.

It doesn’t matter how you use it on your vehicle. Bullet Liner spray on protectant is always a smart investment to help protect your car or truck. It’s also ideal for bed surfaces designed for hauling lumber, tools, sports gear, contract job equipment, horse tack and more—and for protecting the essentials needed for off-roading in the toughest terrains. Many of our customers simply opt for using Bullet Liner to give their vehicle a polished, cool appearance with custom, factory-look stylings.

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Exceptional Protection

Protects surfaces from many corrosive/hazardous materials lengthening the life and minimizing downtime of equipment.
Extends lifespan and improves the resale value of equipment and vehicles.
Comes in a variety of colors to match utility, hazardous, or fleet vehicle color applications.

Using our premium spray-on solution, applied by our network of certified dealers across the globe, your investment in your vehicle, boat or trailer is safe with us.