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Welcome Bullet Liner Spain! 750 747 Eric Iverson

Welcome Bullet Liner Spain!

Bullet Liner International, the leading global manufacturer and distributor of premium, advanced polyurea spray-on protective coatings, is pleased to announce that Roco4x4 has joined our network as a new reseller/applicator for our Spanish region. Roco4x4 initially launched its business in Miami, FL in the U.S. more than 10 years ago. It has since grown into…

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Bullet Liner
Is Your Auto, Truck or Van Winter-Ready? Just Put a “Coat” On It! 1800 1524 Eric Iverson

Is Your Auto, Truck or Van Winter-Ready? Just Put a “Coat” On It!

The cold temperatures are upon us. Many parts of the European continent and the world are enduring rain, snow and other stormy conditions—and thermometers in multiple regions are regularly hitting uber cold levels. Many areas are even experiencing daytime sub O °C climates, as the first week of the New Year kicks in. Every time…

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Taking It Off-Road with Bullet Liner: The Ultimate Social Distancing 1200 1799 Eric Iverson

Taking It Off-Road with Bullet Liner: The Ultimate Social Distancing

Regardless of what corner of the globe you’re residing in, one thing remains the same: We’re all sick and tired of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone has grown fatigued with the “locked down” mentality and we’re all seeking new ways to safely get back into our lives and pump up the recreation. While certain lifestyle options…

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Everything Old Is New Again 1500 1000 Eric Iverson

Everything Old Is New Again

Once again, the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the international consumer marketplace another curveball. Thanks to a widespread semiconductor shortage and “exponential increase” in demand for microchips, which are in short supply, new autos and trucks may be harder to come by in Europe, the U.S. and other parts of the globe. This may come as…

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Commercial-Industrial roofing protection with bullet liner
Top It Off with Bullet Liner™ 1500 1000 Eric Iverson

Top It Off with Bullet Liner™

Did you know that Bullet Liner™ high-tensile strength sealant and protective coating solutions aren’t just for the automotive or commercial/industrial equipment space?  That’s right—the applications for our heavy-duty elastomer sealant extend to a host of other utility purposes.  While our protective spray-on coating is ideal to protect automotive equipment, machinery, tools and other work and…

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Boat Weather Protection: Proect your boat with Bullet Liner
Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021 1200 800 Eric Iverson

Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021

In many parts of Europe and across the globe, it’s been a cold winter. If you happen to be a boat owner—depending on what geo-climate you reside in—while you’ve been hunkered down and trying to stay warm, your prized marine vessel has likely been covered up and waiting out the season in dry dock. But…

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Bullet Liner Colour Preservation
Colour Your World with Bullet Liner™ 1200 800 Eric Iverson

Colour Your World with Bullet Liner™

Vibrant colours.  They can help bring your most prized physical assets to life, and assist in distinguishing and selling your “brand.”  The use of rich, bold shades makes a statement about the various outward-facing, physical investments that represent your organisation or livelihood as an independent proprietor.  And, at Bullet Liner™, we understand and appreciate the…

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Looking Back on a Banner Year for Bullet Liner™ International 1200 800 Eric Iverson

Looking Back on a Banner Year for Bullet Liner™ International

Bullet Liner™ International—a worldwide leader in polyurea spray-on coating for the automotive, commercial and industrial fields—continued to grow as a leading player in the profitable and rapidly diversifying elastomer sealant space. Following a series of successful growth initiatives, Bullet Liner™ added new resellers and applicators to its global network—to increase the size of its non-franchised…

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Weatherized Physical Assets with Bullet Liner INTL
Protecting Valuable Physical Assets during Seasonal Weather Changes 630 400 Eric Iverson

Protecting Valuable Physical Assets during Seasonal Weather Changes

As we near the end of the year, cold weather has already arrived in many parts of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere—and the heavy winter months are just around the corner.  As the cool air descends upon us, now is an ideal time to take stock of your business’ physical assets—and check to see how prepared…

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Bullet Liner India Testing
Bullet Liner™ India Takes the Spotlight 630 400 Eric Iverson

Bullet Liner™ India Takes the Spotlight

Bullet Liner™ India, which forged operations in the region over this past year, continues to make strong in-roads into the marketplace—establishing a resounding reputation across industrial sectors for our signature polyurea protective coating.  Bullet Liner is the premier worldwide provider of elastomer “no scratch, no ding” spray-on sealant.  Having literally pioneered the industry three decades ago as Burtin Polymer Labs, the…

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Exceptional Protection

Protects surfaces from many corrosive/hazardous materials lengthening the life and minimizing downtime of equipment.
Extends lifespan and improves the resale value of equipment and vehicles.
Comes in a variety of colors to match utility, hazardous, or fleet vehicle color applications.

Using our premium spray-on solution, applied by our network of certified dealers across the E.U., your investment in your vehicle, boat or trailer is safe with us.