Become A Bullet Liner™ Reseller

Build a Lucrative Network of Applicators

What is a Bullet Liner™ Reseller?

Bullet Liner™ resellers are smart and savvy individuals or companies who are passionate about building a brand empire throughout a given country, territory or region. Resellers can build a thriving network of spray on elastomer applicators with marketing support, training and even lead generation from Bullet Liner™. It’s an exciting challenge that’s rewarding—and offers strong profit upside.

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Why become a Bullet Liner™ Reseller?

There are numerous reasons to affiliate with the powerhouse global Bullet Liner™ brand. We provide the resources, technology and marketing support to help your entity become highly successful.

All new reseller partners will receive:

  • Unmatched world-class training
  • Qualified corporate lead generation
  • Marketing support materials
  • Global brand name association
  • Certification tools for new applicators
  • Hands-on instruction
  • Promotional incentives and tools
  • Ongoing support and resources


THE “UN” FRANCHISED alternative

Easy, Turnkey Recruitment of New Applicators

The Bullet Liner™ reseller programs offer turnkey attractive incentives and tools for your potential applicator recruitment effort.

Are You Connected? Join Us

Potential resellers who have an established network of contacts, especially in related categories, typically do exceptionally well.
Do you have specific experience in any of the following categories or an existing database of contacts within these or other related fields?


Spray on truck
bedliner applications


Automotive and
truck manufacturing
and dealers

Roofing / siding
industry providers

Industrial equipment
oems or resellers

Off-the-road (OTR)
equipment rental managers

Qualified candidates
looking to own a
self-sustaining business

We offer a non-franchised path to join a winning global technology solution and team. Bullet Liner™ resellers can grow an entrepreneurial business without the constraints or restrictions of traditional franchised membership and contracts.

Discover why Bullet Liner International™ technology is the industry’s R&D leader. We helped to pioneer the category three decades ago—and, today, we offer the European market’s most trusted, eco-friendly elastomer technology solution.

Bullet Liner™: has been a leading global manufacturer of premier quality commercial and industrial elastomer coatings for more than 30 years.