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Bullet Liner Welcomes Profi Spray Company in Romania to its International Reseller Network

Bullet Liner Welcomes Profi Spray Company in Romania to its International Reseller Network 726 450 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner™ International is pleased to announce that Profi Spray Company will be joining the Bullet Liner global network as a valued new reseller in Romania.  Profi Spray is active in the construction and insulation industry, offering transparent and prompt services throughout the market.  The company has established a reputation for its serious commitment to its customers—providing quality services and guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of the products.  With more than 13 years of experience in the construction and insulation fields and access to the latest technology and equipment, Profi Spray is well positioned to meet the needs and requirements of the Romanian market.

Bullet Liner continues to grow its global network of premium reseller and applicator partners who are committed to delivering the industry’s highest quality protective sealant solutions and elastomer coating products to service the construction, industrial storage, automotive, truck and fleet, roofing, and commercial-utility sectors.  Backed by more than three decades of world-class chemistry and operating in concert with our parent company Carlisle TyrFil GmbH and one of the world’s largest polyurethane systems developers, Bullet Liner is uniquely suited to offer a robust suite of industrial and commercial-grade spray-on coating offerings to a Romanian-based clientele.

For more information, please visit—and to learn more about our new Profi Spray Company affiliate, please visit them at:

Profi Spray Company,
48 Sperantei St., Afumati Town, Ilfov County, 077010
44.51616144190528, 26.23565851653837

Bullet Liner International Announces its Newest Distributor Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

Bullet Liner International Announces its Newest Distributor Bahrain and Saudi Arabia 726 450 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner International, a leading global network of resellers, dealers and applicator-operators working in the polyurea protective coatings space, is pleased to announce its newest distributor alliance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This addition expands the brand’s growing global footprint, with a key new presence in the Middle East marketplace and represents the latest new member to join Bullet Liner’s international network.

Bullet Liner’s new partner—Corrosion Control Middle East (CCME)—provides corrosion prevention solutions via cathodic protection, Coatings and Non-Destructive Testing for the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Construction and Marine industries.  Now, CCME, in concert with Core Team (a general contracting leader serving the same related industries that is also expanding into the Kingdom of Bahrain), will market polyurethane coating solutions in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in all applicable sectors, both as an application contractor and a distributor.

Bullet Liner is an industry leader in the development and distribution of the market’s highest-quality elastomer coating solutions for the light industrial, heavy industrial, truck, automotive, mining, commercial utility, and storage fields.  Recognized for its “scratch resistant” and durable exterior surface protection properties, Bullet Liner spray-on coating guards against the corrosive damage caused by severe environmental effects and most chemical compounds.

Bullet Liner’s new distributor will operate out of the Core Team’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain offices at the following addresses:

Office 245, Building 2648, Road 5720, Block 257
The Lagoon, Amwaj Islands, Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain
Muharraq, PO Box 5060, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
tel. +973 3201 2133

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
4th Floor Gold Tower
Al Madinah Al Munawarrah St. Al Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 35514
P.O. Box 11586 Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, 31961 Tel: +966-13-356-0075
Fax: +966-13-361-7951

For more information about the Bullet Liner brand and global opportunities to affiliate with our highly lucrative international reseller, member dealer and applicator network, please visit

Welcome Bullet Liner Spain!

Welcome Bullet Liner Spain! 750 747 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner International, the leading global manufacturer and distributor of premium, advanced polyurea spray-on protective coatings, is pleased to announce that Roco4x4 has joined our network as a new reseller/applicator for our Spanish region.

Roco4x4 initially launched its business in Miami, FL in the U.S. more than 10 years ago. It has since grown into a thriving business recognized worldwide by 4×4 enthusiasts. Comprised of a team of experienced, highly professional practitioners, the team at Roco4x4 has brought far more to the industry than merely retail offerings. “More than a store,” Roco4x4 (now also operating as Bullet Liner Spain) is a toy store for big children and markets a wide collection of differential locks, LED lights, roof racks, suspensions, wheels, tires and most recently Bullet Liner premium formulations—everything that automotive enthusiasts, and especially 4×4 customers who take pride in vehicle ownership, need.

Over the past three years, the business expanded from the U.S. marketplace to Spain—transferring the American spirit to the European continent and offering customers in this part of the world preparations for their 4x4s, as well as everything they might require for their American car.

The team at Roco4x4 is pleased and excited to have recently become part of the preeminent worldwide brand for high-quality, spray-on elastomer sealants and coatings for the automotive, ATV, UTV, motorcycle/motorbike, truck, cargo van and commercial/utility vehicle aftermarket. Bullet Liner technology can be applied to vehicle exteriors, as well as interior areas—in addition to a variety of other household, business, and utility surfaces—to provide a high tensile-strength, high calibre protective “shield.” Bullet Liner also helps to mitigate dings, scratches, and dents, and won’t crack, fade, bubble, or peel, while offering weather-resistant, colour-fade resilience.

The new Bullet Liner Spain team is attentive to the latest market trends and able to offer the best technology options to their patrons. Customer service is a hallmark of this operation, and they are committed to delivering informed counsel and guidance as part of their Bullet Liner applicator services. According to the Bullet Liner Spain principals, “Our customers are the reason why we open our doors every day with pride and motivation. We are proud to call all our clients our friends. This gives us the opportunity to create and run a polished, professional operation that is more like a big family.”

Please visit Bullet Liner Spain for all your spray-on protective coating and elastomer sealant needs.

The team can be contacted here:

Our Adress is C/ Carpinteros 26. Boadilla del monte. Zip 28660. Madrid.
Our Telfs: +34 919074452 / +34 622777217

Bullet Liner

Is Your Auto, Truck or Van Winter-Ready? Just Put a “Coat” On It!

Is Your Auto, Truck or Van Winter-Ready? Just Put a “Coat” On It! 1800 1524 Jill Deamer

The cold temperatures are upon us. Many parts of the European continent and the world are enduring rain, snow and other stormy conditions—and thermometers in multiple regions are regularly hitting uber cold levels. Many areas are even experiencing daytime sub O °C climates, as the first week of the New Year kicks in.

Every time a strong seasonal storm descends upon us, it’s a wakeup call to anyone who lives in inclement weather to review their home and vehicle winterizing checklist. Is the house in adequate shape with leaks fixed, windows insulated, and heating systems in top condition? Are swimming pools prepped and ready to lay dormant through the next few cold months before Spring sets in? Are barns secured, and outdoor livestock and other resources protected? And equally important—are the wheels you depend on daily for work or pleasure able to withstand the unexpected, perhaps even brutal, temperature cold swings?

Afterall, a vehicle that isn’t properly cared for when the frigid temperatures set in can create serious headaches and extra expense for owners. They can also suffer from unnecessary wear-and-tear that can quickly undermine ROI and vehicle value. Weather-related issues can range from exterior surface damage (when vehicles are left unprotected) to mechanical failure. Owners who don’t winterize may, surprisedly, begin their day only to find an auto that doesn’t start.

It’s critical to do vehicle prep during the winter months. Common winter weather “blues” for auto, truck and van owners who don’t winterize can include any of the following:

  • Vehicle stalls out
  • Drivers gets stranded in compromised, or even dangerous, weather
  • Weakened battery goes bad
  • Gas line freezes from too low of a tank supply
  • Damaged windshield wipers result in poor visibility/driving hazards
  • Icy, cold temperature wreak havoc on the vehicle paint job
  • Rocks and ice on the road damage exterior surfaces
  • Cargo slides around in wet/icy truck beds causing potential injury

These are just a few of the hazards that winter weather drivers need to heed. In terms of the physical toll that harsh temperatures can doll out, a vehicle’s surface can quickly denigrate depending on the severity of the weather and type of paint job the auto or truck has. This is where Bullet Liner technology can help! Bullet Liner protective coating places a heavy-duty, elastomer sealant onto vehicle exteriors—covering everything from the overall surface finish to specific areas such as fenders, wheel wells, bumpers, running boards, light bars, and hard tonneau covers. Our high-tensile strength bedliner literally coats and protects against damage from temperature extremes (the freezing cold, but also blistering hot sun in the summer months)—and it won’t crack, fade, bubble or peel regardless of how severe the climate is. Also, Bullet Liner helps to guard against dents, dings and abrasion from flying ice, rocks, caked snow and other road debris typically found on thoroughfares and roads during the coldest parts of the year.

There is simply no reason to sacrifice your prized vehicle’s exterior finish, or durability, due to the winter weather. Additionally, for drivers who rely on their vehicle for occupational purposes, Bullet Liner offers a “no-slip” better grip coating that will keep items in a pick-up truck bed from sliding in ice or rain—making it easier for workers to load and unload cargo more safely.

Other quick vehicle care items to keep on the radar in the wintertime:

  • Check your coolant
  • Use a thinner engine oil that will fare better in extra cold temperatures
  • Get your snow tyres in gear
  • Check tyre tread depth/ensure pressure is at the correct PSI
  • Monitor your battery level
  • Don’t forget a lock de-icer

Even if caring for your ride slipped off your pre-holiday “to do list,” it’s not too late to get your wheels primed for the heavy winter months of January and February. Bullet Liner spray-on polyurea coating can be quickly applied by a professional applicator in your area. For more information, please locate a facility in your area here.

Taking It Off-Road with Bullet Liner: The Ultimate Social Distancing

Taking It Off-Road with Bullet Liner: The Ultimate Social Distancing 1200 1799 Jill Deamer

Regardless of what corner of the globe you’re residing in, one thing remains the same: We’re all sick and tired of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone has grown fatigued with the “locked down” mentality and we’re all seeking new ways to safely get back into our lives and pump up the recreation. While certain lifestyle options may still be more limited during this time, there is one pastime that combines the best of all worlds: Getting out on the off-road trails, taking in nature, and kicking up some serious thrills on some of the most challenging ATV courses on the planet…and doing it while keeping a whole lot of “social distance.”

Off-road trail riding with your favourite set of wheels—ATV, UTV, 4×4, dirt bike or mountain bike—is gaining in popularity in many parts of the world. According to, even though “Europe is heavily populated with more paved road per square kilometre than any other continent…there is still plenty of wilderness to explore.” The publication notes that “Thanks to its geographical diversity, Europe has just about every terrain you could hope to explore.”

Other international regions such as Latin America offer excellent off-road trail routes. As noted in, “There are few places that offer quite as much adventure as South America. From the Salt Flats of Bolivia to the mountains of Argentina, South America should be at the top of the list for anyone wanting to take their 4X4 into the great outdoors.” Similarly, in Asia, Dirt Wheels magazine reported that “Markets are being driven by established popularity in Oceanic nations like New Zealand and Australia, along with those in Southeast and Northeast Asia such as China, South Korea, and Japan,” but the publication pointed out that it’s India that is the new hot spot for ATV and UTV adoption.  

Regardless of the continent or geographic locale—whether it’s fall or spring season and whether temperatures are currently warming or cooling—now is the ideal time to get out there and carve up the terrain! And this is where Bullet Liner™ comes in. Our high-calibre tensile strength exterior coating has been keeping 4x4s and other off-the-road vehicles protected and durable for more than 30 years. We get it. Hard trail riding loses its lustre if you’re having to pamper your ride. But at the same time, you don’t want to trash your prized investment and cause unnecessary damage out on the trail. This could quickly denigrate or devalue your gear and leave you with an unsightly piece of equipment that you no longer want to show off to your friends.

After all, off-road vehicles can take a serious beating the minute you go rogue and take it off-highway. Mud, brush scrapes, extended tree branches, flying rocks and other debris can quickly scratch and damage auto, truck and ATV exteriors, not to mention the consistent abuse your vehicle takes from weather and temperature extremes. The hot beating sun can fade exterior paint and trim—and in alternate seasons, the blistering cold can flake, peel, and rust your custom spray job, leaving you with unwanted corrosion and premature aging to your vehicle.

Bullet Liner has the antidote for ALL the above. Our premium elastomer coating was pioneered over three decades ago when Burtin Polymer Labs first invented its spray-on truck bedliner solution in the U.S. Burtin’s technology was impervious to the elements and all that Mother Nature could dole out—on the job, on the trail, on the highway, or even sitting in the driveway. Let’s face it. Manufacturer-grade paint jobs were never meant to withstand the extreme adventure of the toughest off-road trail rides. When you’re ascending a 40-degree hill, withstanding even a minor rockslide, or worse yet, enduring a white knuckle 360-degree roll, your vehicle simply isn’t going to come out of it unscathed. But why even invest in a serious off-the-road vehicle if you can’t take your excursions—and fun—to the limit?

Bullet Liner’s spray on protective sealant delivers a durable coating that mitigates the damage from road rage out on the trail—keeping your exterior surfaces safe from most dings, scuffs, scratches, and abrasions. Our advanced Bullet Liner formulations also deliver “no-fade, no-peel” UV protection and colour safeguarding that can be matched to your factory or custom paint to protect a whole host of exterior areas—from bumpers, fenders, and wheel wheels to running boards, rollbars, tonneau covers, and mounted spare tire covers. Bullet Liner also works great on interior areas of your off-road vehicle to keep steering wheels, flooring, dashboards, kick panels and more immune to typical high-use damage.

Are you not an ATV owner yourself, but an automotive aftermarket operator? No problem. Understanding and promoting the benefits of elastomer coating for your most adventurous off-road vehicle owner customers is a great way to expose them to many benefits of Bullet Liner’s market leading technology. Trail riders come from all walks of life and occupations. The use of Bullet Liner adhesive protective coating is a great way for international applicator-spray operators to showcase all that Bullet Liner can do to safeguard their customers’ most prized possessions, be they of a personal/recreational enthusiast nature or for serious commercial or industrial business use.

Not only does Bullet Liner keep off-road “toys” safe, but it can render immeasurable cost savings, utility benefits and investment protection for commercial work trucks, cargo vans, fleet vehicles, storage equipment, and other vital workhorse items that are the bedrock of financial livelihood for many businesses—from Europe to all corners of the globe. Bullet Liner’s premium spray on polyurea protection is now available worldwide to service both recreational consumer hobbyists and serious business operators working across multiple industries. Any individual or business that is looking to extend the lifecycle of their physical assets can benefit from the wide range of exterior coating benefits offered by Bullet Liner technology.

But this fall, or spring, depending on your locale, spray some Bullet Liner on your favourite off-road buggy and get out there to enjoy the kind of spiritual revitalization we ALL could use after this long pandemic…the freedom of breath-taking wide-open spaces. And while you’re taking in some stellar ATV, 4×4 or dirt bike riding, let us help keep your vehicle safe and in top shape, even while you’re out on the most intense slopes and exhilarating trails you can find this season.

To learn more about how Bullet Liner technology can offer an alternative solution to a new vehicle purchase this year as pandemic related supply chain issues persist, or to learn more about how your automotive aftermarket business can assist automotive consumers during this time, please visit

Team Bullet Liner


Everything Old Is New Again

Everything Old Is New Again 1500 1000 Jill Deamer

Once again, the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the international consumer marketplace another curveball. Thanks to a widespread semiconductor shortage and “exponential increase” in demand for microchips, which are in short supply, new autos and trucks may be harder to come by in Europe, the U.S. and other parts of the globe. This may come as tough news for many to accept just as throngs of consumers worldwide are anxious, following so many months of pandemic restrictions and limited shopping options, to get back out on the roadand possibly shop for a brand-new vehicle this year. But the current global microchip crisis may take things in a different direction.

Since the automotive industry in Europe isn’t the only sector impeded by the semiconductor and microchip shortage, it makes the situation all the more complicated, according to a recent article in Automotive News Europe. The trade publication noted that “in the short and middle term, it will be difficult to find solutions.” They also shared the news that that the VDA industry association recently cut “its forecast for production growth in Germany to 3 percent from 13 percent previously, noting production had fallen ‘significantly below expectations’ in recent months.” It now expects “3.6 million cars to be made in Germany this year, down by 400,000 units from its last forecast.”

This dynamic has been made even more complex because many European automakers down shifted production in 2020 during the peak of the initial Covid-19 pandemic wave. (This being a direct result of the many “stay at home” lockdowns across the Continent, as well as anticipation of less-than-zealous buyers visiting new car showrooms.) And now—as restrictions in many countries have eased and consumers have a greater overall comfort in possibly making larger retail purchase—supply chain issues have forced the automotive and new car industry into another “wait and see” holding pattern.

This is tough news economically for the automotive dealer-retailer segment and for auto consumers, who may have their hearts set on obtaining only the latest models rolling off the production line. But for auto enthusiasts, it also may open a wealth of interest in getting the most mileage out of their existing automobiles, trucks, vans and RVs—and finding fresh, creative ways to make something old “new” once again.

Surprisingly, the well-used automobile or truck sitting in the garage is suddenly making a hot comeback like never before.

And there is no technology more poised to help step in and offer customers an affordable facelift for their vehicles than Bullet Liner. Our premier elastomer spray-on protective coating is exactly what aging automobile and trucks need to extend their vehicle’s lifecycle and rejuvenate both value and overall functionality. For the past three decades, Bullet Liner has pioneered the protective spray-on protective sealant category, offering high quality coating that provides a “high calibre shield” against road debris and abrasion, dents and dings, extreme weathering and sun damage. Bullet Liner’s heavy duty, tensile strength coating can help keep car, truck and off-the-road vehicle exteriors—and even interiors—looking sharper and lasting longer.

In terms of sun exposure alone, Bullet Liner prevents premature fading, cracking and peeling, especially when vehicles stored in climate-extreme outdoor areas spend hours baking in the heat without covering. Bullet Liner also offers colour protection from UV sunlight and won’t bubble or flake, even after months of use.
When the climate pendulum swings just as strongly in the other direction, Bullet Liner protection doesn’t miss a beat. It still will still not crack, peel or fade. What’s more, Bullet Liner’s water-tight seal keeps rust and corrosion-causing moisture and ice from damaging your ride.

In fact, our spray-on coating is not only colour safe, but it’s also bleed-safe. Our technology solutions have been subjected time and time again to extensive testing (both in rigorous laboratory conditions and in the field) to ensure that—even in varying weather degrees such as cold, heat and humidity—Bullet Liner formulations remain resilient and perform well on a multitude of vehicle surfaces.

Additionally, our spray on coating is available in an array of colours and can be custom matched to existing exterior paint jobs. And for this reason, our elastomer sealant is more than simply a protective agent—it also offers an affordable trusted way to add to new colour and style to an older, aging vehicle.
In addition to delivering an ideal solution for exterior vehicle surfaces such as wheel wells, fenders, bumpers and truck beds, Bullet Liner sealant also provides a viable means of refreshing auto and truck interiors as well. Our formulations can easily be applied to vehicle floors, certain types of seats, steering wheels, dashboards, various interior surfaces, gloveboxes/jockey boxes, and more.

Bullet Liner is a durable, consistent sealant that can cover damaged or blemished areas of autos and trucks offering a fresh new look, even while the vehicles themselves may not be brand new. The simple addition of our spray-on sealant can add years to an existing purchase for the enjoyment of both passengers and drivers. Qualified spray shops across the European Continent and around the globe receive specialized training to apply Bullet Liner sealant for professional “off the showroom” stylings that can often rival new car aesthetics.

To learn more about how Bullet Liner technology can offer an alternative solution to a new vehicle purchase this year as pandemic related supply chain issues persist, or to learn more about how your automotive aftermarket business can assist automotive consumers during this time, please visit

Team Bullet Liner

Commercial-Industrial roofing protection with bullet liner

Top It Off with Bullet Liner™

Top It Off with Bullet Liner™ 1500 1000 Jill Deamer

Did you know that Bullet Liner™ high-tensile strength sealant and protective coating solutions aren’t just for the automotive or commercial/industrial equipment space?  That’s right—the applications for our heavy-duty elastomer sealant extend to a host of other utility purposes.  While our protective spray-on coating is ideal to protect automotive equipment, machinery, tools and other work and recreational equipment, our technology is also widely used within the commercial roofing industry.

Punishing weather and environmental changes can do a number on outdoor equipment and buildings.  Often, its roofing systems that can benefit the most from additional forms of protection from frigid cold temperatures in the winter and blistering heat and sun damage during the hot summer months.

An unprotected facility—such as a factory plant, commercial building, school, warehouse or other structure—can be seriously compromised by roof damage and denigration.  Bullet Liner spray-on coating offers a unique and sustainable elastomer polyurea based environmental protectant that quickly bonds to surfaces upon application—sealing out water from morning moisture, as well as intermittent rain storms, snow and fog.  These temperate weather conditions can erode roof surfaces when left unprotected—causing unwanted and costly water damage and unnecessary repairs.

In summer weather, Bullet Liner protects against the blistering heat and minimizes typical sun damage.  Also, it won’t crack, fade or peel regardless of temperature extremes.

In addition to roofing protection, Bullet Liner can also be applied to siding, stairways and other utility equipment on or around a building facility that could benefit from additional durability and resilience.  Plus, the technology’s “no grip/no slip” surface protection offers additional footing traction and stability for workers who are conducting repairs in around roof surfaces or other structures.

In addition to offering reliable surface protection—that won’t peel, fade, chip or bubble—for traditional boats, Bullet Liner also can protect your investment in a variety of other marine-related equipment that can take the same beating on the water. Whether you’re into windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, Jet Skiing, water skiing, or other ocean, lake or river-related recreational past times, the same technology solutions are available to keep your investments—and their potential resale value—strong.

Learn more about the many commercial and industrial uses for Bullet Liner technology and discover how this all-purpose exterior sealant can help to protect your business’ most valuable assets and manpower.

Team Bullet Liner

Boat Weather Protection: Proect your boat with Bullet Liner

Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021

Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021 1200 800 Jill Deamer

In many parts of Europe and across the globe, it’s been a cold winter. If you happen to be a boat owner—depending on what geo-climate you reside in—while you’ve been hunkered down and trying to stay warm, your prized marine vessel has likely been covered up and waiting out the season in dry dock. But as we enter March, temperatures will quickly start to warm—and icy and frigid weather will begin to thaw. If you’re a mariner, then you know it’s time to start looking toward the day you’ll launch your boat and hit the open water. The close of the winter season is a great time to prepare for the upcoming recreational boating season.

Anyone who is a serious aficionado of the boating lifestyle knows that it is most definitely not an inexpensive pastime. Whether you own a dinghy, motorboat, sailboat, or a luxury yacht, the constant upkeep required—and never-ending money you’ll need to siphon into your passion—is no small commitment. From readying key equipment for seasonal use to ensuring that your boat exterior remains in top condition, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to protect your investment.

Aside from technical maintenance and concern for the obvious operational safety issues, probably the number one task at hand heading into boating season is to make sure your vessel is cleaned and looking sharp. Unless your entire boat deck has been covered throughout the winter months (which is unlikely for anything larger than a fairly small vessel), the days spent weathering the climate and baking in the sun (despite the chilly temperatures) can do a number on your paint job and external trimmings. This is where Bullet Liner’s premium protective sealant can really assist with boat weather protection.

Bullet Liner is the industry’s leading elastomer coating. The technology, which literally led and pioneered the spray-on sealant marketplace with creation of its polyurea coating over 30 years ago, offers a durable and affordable way to guard against outer surface damage to your boat. Bullet Liner offers an all-in-one solution that, when properly applied, delivers a high-calibre, heavy-duty tensile strength shield for a variety of exposed and weather-prone exteriors.

Another critical role that elastomer protective coating can play is in keeping your boat’s bright colours looking brilliant—despite the obvious beating they take from the elements. Any nautical pro knows that Mother Nature is a formidable foe when it comes to recreational boating. Even the most pristine paint job is only as good as its ability to withstand the harshest weathering. Bullet Liner offers excellent UV protection to keep colour integrity, and provide a safeguard against rust, moisture/dampness, sunlight, wind and more. We can colour match every palette shade for a customized finish. If your boat is your pride and joy, make sure that it looks top notch—both while in use on the open water, and in dock using boat weather protection from Bullet Liner International.

In addition to offering reliable surface protection—that won’t peel, fade, chip or bubble—for traditional boats, Bullet Liner also can protect your investment in a variety of other marine-related equipment that can take the same beating on the water. Whether you’re into windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, Jet Skiing, water skiing, or other ocean, lake or river-related recreational past times, the same technology solutions are available to keep your investments—and their potential resale value—strong.

Even if you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) and love the thrill of undertaking your own boat renovation, Bullet Liner can complement your independent deck redo project and integrate with your colour scheme selection and existing project to spruce up your new or existing purchase—from bow to stern. Our spray teams utilize top of the market Graco equipment to deliver an affordable, end-to-end coating solution that will enhance both the appearance and functionally of your boat.

For more marine vessel renovation options and to learn more about Bullet Liner solutions for the boating industry, please visit

Bullet Liner Colour Preservation

Colour Your World with Bullet Liner™

Colour Your World with Bullet Liner™ 1200 800 Jill Deamer

Vibrant colours.  They can help bring your most prized physical assets to life, and assist in distinguishing and selling your “brand.”  The use of rich, bold shades makes a statement about the various outward-facing, physical investments that represent your organisation or livelihood as an independent proprietor.  And, at Bullet Liner™, we understand and appreciate the role that rich colours can play when it comes to keeping your gear, vehicles and equipment looking in top shape.

Our premier elastomer protective coating comes in a variety of existing and customizable colour tones—in fact, our certified spray coating applicators across Europe, Asia and in Latin America can replicate just about every hue on the colour wheel.  We can easily “specialty match” your existing colour schemes and PMS collection—whether its for an auto, truck, trailer, cargo van, motorbike, RV, off-road vehicle or virtually any other physical surface that you’d like to better preserve.

Bullet Liner technology is recognized as the go-to source across the globe for High Calibre Protection for your most valuable products, vehicles, and equipment exteriors and interiors.  When it comes to providing tough, durable, non-scratch coating, Bullet Liner is the gold standard in the industry.  Our world-class chemists and R&D literally pioneered and built the spray-on sealant category nearly three decades ago.  Since that time, we’ve been proudly helping our customers to maintain their ROI on the products and surfaces that matter most.

Bullet Liner delivers a high-tensile strength sealant that is impervious to typical wear-and-tear on the job.  It helps to mitigate the type of easily sustained damage that can quickly denigrate the value of vehicles, commercial machinery, and even industrial vessels such as chemical and water storage tank exteriors.  In autos and trucks of all sizes, flying roadside debris such as mud and rocks can scuff, dent and ding vehicle exteriors and can readily affect the overall positive appearance of your investment—and reduce potential resale opportunities.

Bullet Liner resellers typically come from a variety of backgrounds—most prominently from the automotive, commercial utility or industrial products or storage space. But Harsze notes that the most important quality in a new Bullet Liner reseller is their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how—along with the ability to “build and manage a large applicator network, commanding the resources, business ties and in-market knowledge” of a particular geographic region. Their role, once established is to recruit localized Bullet Liner polyurea spray applicators—providing them with the training, education, and infrastructure to grow a flourishing business and attract customer demand.

Bullet Liner Colour Preservation on Truck Bed

But Bullet Liner coatings also play an absolutely integral role in colour preservation.  Our elastomer formulation won’t fade, crack or peel—period!  Additionally, Bullet Liner offers UV protection to ensure that spray coated vehicle surfaces that bake in the hot sun won’t lose their colour brilliance—regardless of the heat intensity.  Alternately, surfaces coated with our elastomer sealant won’t lose their colour lustre in the face of extreme cold or sub-zero temperatures.

Bullet Liner spray coating is colour-safe and bleed-safe, and has been tested in rigorous laboratory conditions to ensure its resilience.  We subject our formulations to the toughest conditions—in varying heat, cold, humidity, moisture and dryness environmental recreations—to make certain our colour applications can withstand substantial abuse.  Time after time, Bullet Liner colours have stood up to the elements.  We believe its important that your vehicle or machinery maintains a uniform tone across all exterior exposed surfaces…from the wheel well, to the fender, to the bumper, to the truck bed.

Why is this important?  A vehicle’s appearance can serve as a “moving billboard” for any organisation’s brand.  A positive appearance can enhance the opportunity to sell your products or services, but a negative exterior look (with chipping, bubbling or faded colour) can actually detract from your reputation. This is especially true for companies or individuals whose livelihood depends on the quality and sophistication of transportation equipment.  For example, a vehicle fleet must be kept in top shape to attract new business and grow its customer base.  Bullet Liner can be an indelible partner for companies working in this sector because it provides a cost-effective technology solution that extends the life cycle of exterior surfaces across—not just months—but years, following initial application.

For details on Bullet Liner technology and available solutions to protect a host of personal, commercial and industrial products and equipment from water, rust, corrosion, road debris, chemicals and environmental damage—while also keeping colours as sharp and bright as the day they’re applied—explore our website.

Looking Back on a Banner Year for Bullet Liner™ International

Looking Back on a Banner Year for Bullet Liner™ International 1200 800 Jill Deamer

Bullet Liner International—a worldwide leader in polyurea spray-on coating for the automotive, commercial and industrial fields—continued to grow as a leading player in the profitable and rapidly diversifying elastomer sealant space. Following a series of successful growth initiatives, Bullet Liner added new resellers and applicators to its global network—to increase the size of its non-franchised member base and its volume of business.

Rooted in a heritage of ingenuity that goes back 30+ years, Bullet Liner was originally founded by Burtin Polymer Labs—the team that pioneered and established the entire spray-on bedliner and polyurea coatings industry. Following its acquisition in late 2015 by Accella Performance Materials, the leading independent polyurethane systems house in North America, and then in 2017 by global multi-national corporation and technology giant Carlisle Companies, Bullet Liner’s product development team gained access to the world’s top polymer technology chemists and scientific talent arsenal. Today, the company infuses 4th generation innovation and extensive R&D to create the most durable, premium protective coating available anywhere on the market.

According to Bullet Liner’s European-based International Sales Manager Greg Harsze, the brand experienced strong expansion within the international market in 2020. He noted that global resellers (regional entities representing specific geographic locales) embraced the company’s ‘Un’ Franchised Dealer Alternative model and recognized the positive growth and revenue opportunities offered by the red-hot elastomer protective coatings marketplace.

Specifically, between 2019 and 2020, Bullet Liner was pleased to add new resellers in the key geographic regions of France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, Poland, Romania, India, South Korea, and Brazil and other gateway regions of Latin America. We thank and congratulate these new reseller partners who have become an immeasurable part of our global growth and success over the past 18 months:

  • Poludniowa Grupa Handlowa (PGH)/Bullet Liner Poland
  • VSK/Bullet Liner Brasil
  • CATINOFORT S.R.L./Bullet Liner Romania.
  • PTC360 Solutions/Bullet Liner United Kingdom
  • Dome House Korea Co./Bullet Liner South Korea
  • Patrick Spiteri Coatings/Bullet Liner Malta
  • Baptiste Lefort/Bullet Liner France
  • Vajra Shields Company/Bullet Liner India
  • Bullet Line Suisse
  • Fabiola Romero and Galo Narváez, Bullet Liner Panama
  • Insoluble S.A. / Mantisa SRL/Bullet Liner Dominican Republic

Bullet Liner resellers typically come from a variety of backgrounds—most prominently from the automotive, commercial utility or industrial products or storage space. But Harsze notes that the most important quality in a new Bullet Liner reseller is their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how—along with the ability to “build and manage a large applicator network, commanding the resources, business ties and in-market knowledge” of a particular geographic region. Their role, once established is to recruit localized Bullet Liner polyurea spray applicators—providing them with the training, education, and infrastructure to grow a flourishing business and attract customer demand.

In turn, the brand’s member applicators (or physical spray shop operators recruited by regional resellers to become a part of the global Bullet Liner network) enjoy the benefits of an entrepreneurial retail opportunity in a rapidly accelerating industry space—free from the shackles of traditional franchised ownership. Their growth has been commensurate with the general expansion of the Bullet Liner brand in key international markets.

Applicator candidates often are ex-military or come from the automotive space—having previous experience as an after-market automotive supplier, auto mechanic, automotive dealer, fleet operator, cargo/transportation manager, etc. As part of the Bullet Liner relationship, new applicators receive a strong return on investment on their product purchase and operation costs, along with exclusive reseller-backed discounts and certified technical support.

On the customer experience side, Bullet Liner end users have discovered why the brand’s elastomer spray-on coating delivers the highest performance in the category. It comes as no surprise that resellers, applicators and customers alike have all been pleased with the technology’s quality, consistency and durability. The brand’s technical applications include everything from automotive and truck exterior surfaces (including wheel wells, bumpers, fenders, truck beds and more), transportation and utility applications (for cargo van fleets, semi-trucks and commercial machinery and equipment), marine vessel exteriors and boat decks), and even industrial storage tanks.

Virtually any surface or physical asset that is vulnerable to wear and tear, abrasion, stress from road debris or extreme heat or weathering conditions can benefit from a coating of Bullet Liner. The technology also has extensive applications for personal, household and recreational use—protecting items such as toolboxes, wind sailing equipment, snowboards, work boots, play equipment, yard furniture, RVs, dirt bikes and more. Bullet Liner’s high-tensile strength material is impervious to dents, scratches and dings and provides a permanent layer of protection that is hassle-free and easy to maintain. Additionally Bullet Liner comes in a variety of colours designed to match existing paint jobs and surfaces, and it won’t fade, crack or peel—even when baking in sunlight or enduring sub-zero freezing cold temperatures.

Learn more about opportunities to join our Bullet Liner International family as a reseller or applicator here—and discover how Bullet Liner technology can safeguard and protect valuable investments, while opening new doors for independent revenue generation.