Bullet Liner International™

The roots of Bullet Liner in the polyurethane protective coating industry run deep—to the very inception of the industry itself more than 30 years ago. Claudio Burtin, his brother J.B. and his father Carlos Burtin founded the Burtin Corporation in 1982 and began to develop and invent polyurethane-based chemicals for a variety of cutting edge applications. With experimentation and development, Claudio pioneered a polyurea coating technology that bonded to almost any surface to offer maximum exterior protection against scratches, dings, rust, corrosion and more.

In noticing the damage inflicted upon the cargo area of the delivery trucks that brought the barrels of his raw chemical materials, Claudio realized there was an existing opportunity to help protect trucks and vehicles from the rigors of hauling cargo. He started a division spraying his amazing invention into pick-up truck beds, tailgates, wheel wells and similar applications—and the business quickly grew. He was the first in the industry to devise an advanced coating system that was virtually rust-proof, long lasting and impervious to extreme weather conditions, while delivering the improved UV protection, and enhanced puncture and abrasion resistance, ideal for customers who love their vehicles and aren’t afraid to use them in rugged environments.

“The Bullet Liner product was a continuation of my vision for this marketplace, seizing on the newest formulations for protection and style.”
Claudio Burtin, former CEO of Burtin Labs + founder of the spray-on protective coatings industry

Burtin eventually sold the initial spray-on truck bedliner company—and over the years, the Burtin-pioneered technology has been real world tested in millions of vehicles around the globe. However, Burtin himself wasn’t satisfied. His continued research and development led him to create a high-calibre formulation that he felt was military grade tough—and in 2010, Claudio, then CEO of Burtin Polymer Laboratories, raised the bar even higher with the launch of the Bullet Liner brand.

Besides the obvious physical protection benefits provided by Bullet Liner, Burtin, for the first time, developed a formulation to maintain a high lustre shine that would last for years.  He was excited to create a solution that was available with a colour matching system enabling customers and distributors to finally match, or contrast, virtually any exterior colour.  The permanent bonding characteristics of Bullet Liner also assured long lasting protection by adhering to all targeted contours for a complete and total seal from the elements.  This allowed customers to enjoy the colours they loved, and also double-down to protect their investment.  These offerings were revolutionary in the industry—and continue to set the bar today.

In 2015, Bullet Liner was purchased by Accella Performance Materials, the leading independent polyurethane systems house in North America.  Accella’s world-class chemists continued to take the Bullet Liner brand, now part of the Carlisle Companies brand family, to the next level—making the technology an international industrial, commercial and personal truck/automotive application, with an unlimited ability for customization and use.

Bullet Liner is currently the gold standard for the entire spray-on protective coating industry, and one of the world’s leading networks of certified elastomer spray coating applicators.

Exceptional Protection

As a Carlisle Companies brand, Bullet Liner International™ is an industry leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality impenetrable protective coating solutions for the light industrial, heavy industrial, truck/automotive, mining, military and industrial storage fields.

Based in dortmund, Germany, Bullet Liner International™ serves as the worldwide sales and distribution arm for the company’s sealant systems available for non-North American markets worldwide.

Bullet Liner technology: A reputation built on delivering technical ingenuity and “scratch resistant” durability for each and every job.

An R&D Heritage

The Bullet Liner formulation is based on advanced chemistry and the R&D work of world-class chemists and scientists. Developed over 30 years ago by Burtin Laboratories, the protective spray coating industry “pioneer,” Bullet Liner relies on decades of innovation in the field of polymer polyurethane and elastomer sealants.

Today, we inject 4th generation technology and research into the development of an industry-leading solution that’s become a market “gold standard” for Europe and leading markets around the globe.

Types of applications:

  • Cargo Vans
  • Commercial + Utility Vehicles
  • Heavy Industrial Vehicles
  • Cars/Trucks/ATVs
  • Storage Tanks
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Equine Trailers
  • Recreational

Sample coverage

  • Vehicle exteriors
  • Fenders
  • Wheel wells
  • Floor beds
  • Truck beds
  • Tailgates
  • Brush guards
  • Open vehicle interiors
  • Trailer exteriors
  • Gear and equipment exteriors
  • Boat decks
  • Storage tank interiors
  • Industrial surfaces
  • Workplace/household products

Our Customer Service Commitment

Bullet Liner’s products ensures that our signature spray-on coating delivers superior quality protection and durability. Our solutions are applied by the most highly skilled and trained professionals in the market—so our customers receive a flawless application every time.

Bullet Liner products will not peel, flake, bubble or crack—regardless of weather and environmental conditions.
Customer service is our number one commitment. At Bullet Liner, every job we do is a “job done right.”